1 January 2004 -  The New Year went off with a bang at Taylor Marine's 3rd annual new year's party. The Dawg's and A2-Fé provided the entertainment and Steven Taylor provided the party. As I mentioned, this was the third and largest party yet, with over 100 in attendance! There were so many friends, old and new, Buddy and Teresa Wilhite, Robert Vidrine, Mark, Mitzi and Robert Stevens, Jack and Janice Duval, Gustavo and Monica Bravo, Terry Bailey, Eddie Moore, and the LadyDawgs, Rhonda, Kathy and Teresa just to name a few. Happy New Years everyone from the Three Legged Dawgs!

13 December 2003 -  The Dawg's rocked Gray's Pub in Orange this weekend after a four month break. Friday the 12th was their first show since late July, and the pups showed their fans a good time as expected. Gray's was full of Dawg lovers this weekend, Keith Addison, Terry Bailey, Jack and Janice Duval, Eddie Moore, Joe and Wendy LeBeouf, Mike and Jessica LeDeaux, just to mention a few. Saturday the 14th marked the Dawg's 37th show this year. With 2003 coming to a close, the Dawgs want to wish all their fans a safe and happy holiday. Look for 2004 to be the year of the Dawg! Be sure and tell your favorite area clubs, that you would love to have them host a DawgShow.

26 July 2003 -  The Dawg's kicked off the Get Acquainted Jam at The Islands Bar & Grill in Beaumont on the 13th. Islands owner Dickie Woodard joined the Dawgs onstage and showed off his musical prowess. Dickie Peltier and the Tornadoes were up next with some fine rhythm & blues followed by The Supertones and Reality Check. The Dawg lovers were out to support the Dawg at the Cowboy Harley Lot Party on the 19th. Greg Hock, Tracey and Elaine Addison, and Los Malos MCC members were just a few of many to hang in the heat for a fun filled Saturday afternoon. And finally, last night at Grey's Pub in Orange, TX, Papa Joe of Los Malos MCC, presented the Dawg's with a plaque commemorating their participation in the benefit for Roman Bates on June 22. Thanks to Chris Lee and Randall Roberts of Cypress, Eddie Moore, Terry Bailey Joe and Wendy, Jimmy Chelette, Jay Davis, Jack and Janice Duval, and Los Malos MCC for making the night a success.

12 July 2003 -  This Saturday took us to The Islands Bar & Grill in Beaumont, TX for food and fun and Rock N Roll. We had a lot of Dawg Lovers in the crowd. Thanks go to our brothers from Cypress for coming out; Chris Lee and Randall Roberts made the night full of fun. Terry Bailey, Sally Williams and Jay Davis in the crowd, howling for the Dawgs and Jack and Janice Duval dancin' it up! Thanks to Tony and Lydia Stroncheck, Kathy LeBlanc, Mike and Jessica LeDeaux and Rhonda Duval for the abundance of Jell-O Shots! Always nice to be taken care of. Kuddos out to Stray Dawg rippin' in on "Blue Jean Blues" by ZZ Top. The crowd got a kick out of hearing The Stray sing. Another song that got a great response was "Seven Bridges Road" by The Eagles. Everyone was chanting for the Dawgs to play it and got a BIG howl when it started. It was definitely awesome. Thanks to Islands owner, Dickie Woodard for joining in. Steven Woodard had the speakers tweaked with the watchful eye of SoundHound, which by the way was SoundHound's birthday celebration. Actually his birthday is Sunday, and he is going to finish celebrating tomorrow with Three Legged Dawg at the Island's Get Acquainted Jam. Happy Birthday SoundHound! We all had a great night. Full of fun. Thanks also to Amy, our waitress and Joe, the bartender. The snacks out at the Islands are great. (Everyone loved the egg rolls) A barking good time was had by all.

7 June 2003 - The weekend brought the Dawgs back home to Gray’s Pub in Orange. This is always a great place. We had a little treat from Joey Robinson, who sang “Simple Man” for the crowd. Joey is an old friend of TLD and our thanks to him for gracing us with his presence and vocal styling. The crowd was a little thin at first but ended packed. We had em’ dancin’ until the end. We had our faithful Dawg Lovers in the house, Jack and Janice Duval, Becky Hays, Terry Bailey, Jay Davis and many more. The Lutcher Stark Class of ’63 had their reunion down the street but took the after party to Gray’s. Mac and Jerry Hughes and friends made the night full of old friends and new faces. Thank you for showing support for the Dawgs!

31 May 2003 - May was a rawkin’ month for the Dawgs. 2nd and 3rd had us out at Gray’s Pub. Friday was packed with young and old alike. Saturday we played at the Gumbo Cook-Off in Orange and back out at Gray’s that night. It was not as packed but still a blast. Thank to Gray’s Pub for having us and for bringing us back. Back at BB’s on the 10th with new and old faces alike. Antone’s was the next venue for the Dawgs for the month of May. On the 23rd we headed out there to show everyone what TLD was made of. Thanks go out to Antone’s for allowing us to play. Among the crowd were a few old friends. Tracy and Elaine Addison along with some of their friends. Our waitress, Brandy, thank you for the wonderful service and the rest of the Dawg Pound. The 24th had us at the Handle Bar South in Mid-County. Those guys really know how to party. May 30th and 31st took us to a BRAND NEW club in Beaumont, The Islands Bar and Grill. This place is great. The wait staff was awesome and the food was great. A lot of nice people out there. Scooby snacks to Dickie Woodard for an outstanding club. Thanks again to our new friends in Typecast for playing out there with us. We have been busy and there is more to come for the Dawgs in the following months.

30 April 2003 - The Dawgs hit BB’s with a vengeance on Saturday April 5. The next weekend brought us to a veterans show for the USS Orleck. Also that weekend, we played at the Mauriceville Crawfish Festival. We had all ages dancin’ that day. April 18th took us to The Bottle Shop in Mid-County. We had the chance to share the stage with Typecast. They are young but know how to rock. Our thanks go out to them. On the 26th, we headed out to Sabine Pass for an ol’ fashion Street Party. Thanks to our valued Dawg Lovers for making it out there. The 30th the Dawgs shared the Antone's stage with Some very talented musicians. First up were the Eight Counts. These young guys did some great old tunes in their own unique style, bringing their fans to a near frenzy. The Dawgs followed with a foot stompin' set that got the crowd dancing. This was the first chance the Dawgs had to mark the Antone's stage. Closing the show was Typecast. Lead singer Krys Segien suffered from a sore throat but you wouldn't have known it, Typecast performed a flawless set.

31 March 2003 - The Dawg’s were on the prowl this month. Cowboy Harley’s lot party was quite a treat for the Dawg’s. We had ‘em dancin’ in the street to the sweet sound of southern rock. Joey Hardy, Cowboy’s general manager, was pleased with the turnout and made sure that the Dawg’s will be back to do it again. We took the energy straight to BB’s Rockin’ Texas Club that night and rocked the roof right off it’s rafters. On the 21st, we did a one band show at The Changing Times. Our first time back in eight months was just like we remembered, good music, good friends and good times. The following day we set up outdoors at The Place in Port Acres, for a benefit sponsored by Los Malos MC. The Dawg’s almost got wet but we managed to give three sets of ground shakin’ rock before we high-tailed it outa there just three steps ahead of the rain. Next up was the SETMAAR ShowDown, and thanks to our loudest fans we were able to advance to the finals amongst some fierce competition. The showdown finals Saturday, was a blast. Support for local music was at it’s finest. The Dawg’s showed those young pups how to make the crowd dance. The Dawgs followed the winning band, “Rock City” who was by far the most talented group of young fellows that evening. Congrats to the “Rock City” boys for doing such a fine job. Many thanks to all the DawgLovers that came to support us this month. We appreciate all that you do for us, for without your support, none of this would be worthwhile.

12 Mar 2003 - The Dawg's took a well deserved breather this past several weeks. We had a blast for Valentine's Day at BB's Rockin Texas Club. Our fans and sweethearts showed their love and support, many thanks from the Dawg's! Some of the faces in the crowd, Terry Bailey, Eddie Moore, Kenny and Sarah, Kathy and Rhonda. Last Saturday the Dawg's were privileged to entertain at The Place's Outdoor stage for a Maverick MC sponsored benefit for the Joe Davis family. Joe was a great friend and fan of the Dawg's and will be sorely missed. His last ride was November 30, 2002. Joe's brothers Jay and James, gave their tribute by joining the Dawgs on stage for the day. They also made some fine music as a duet, singing songs that were written and performed by Jay and Joe. Next weekend get ready to rumble when the Dawg's will do a double shot at Cowboy Harley's block party ~and~ BB's Rockin Texas Club! We hope to give them Hawgs some competition in the ground shakin' contest. No doubt the Soundhound will prevail as winner! After Cowboy's wing-ding, just for a treat, after dark we're gonna take it to BB's  and dance the night away. So get off the porch and come party with the Dawg's!

 26 Jan 2003 - Two shows into the new year brings the Dawgs to Handlebar South in Port Arthur, TX. We also made a brief appearance there Tuesday, 21Jan03 at Tom Janise & Steve Piccone's Open Mike Night. We had a blast playing to our friends and DawgLovers. Doug Porter and the Viet-Nam Veterans of Beaumont reserved a slew of tables for his crew, thanks for supporting the Dawgs! EddieX and Co. with Terry Bailey and the SpankPuppies had a table full, also on hand were Jay Davis & friends, Dordan the Pilot, Mark & Mitzi Stevens, Stephanie & Amy, Brian & Heidi, Tommy & Cher, Karen Gros & friends, and a pack of brand new DawgLovers! Special kudos to our friends in the band Creole Cookin', thanks for picking up our tab at Gary's, ya'll are the COOLest!

12 Jan 2003 - The first DawgShow of 2003 took the Pups to BB's Rockin Texas Club. This is one of our favorite hangouts, close to home and closer to Gary's Coffee Shop! A few of our most faithful fans on hand were Brian & Sherry Tregre, Joe & Wendy LeBeouf, Terry Bailey, Sally & Kim, JayD, Brandy, Becky and Don. The Dawgs truely appreciate your support. We've also gone live with the DawgStuff page with t-shirts for sale and CD's coming soon, stop by and getcha one!

12 Oct 2002 - The end of September and the end of hurricane season took the Dawgs back to the Pearl Street Cafe in Beaumont, TX on the 27th. John Bell treated the Dawg's to a set of photos and videos taken throughout the night. I've posted a few of the videos on the site, check 'em out!

Moving on into October, the Dawg's show no sign of letting up. On the 5th we were back at BB's Rockin' Texas Club in Orange, TX. Our lovable SoundHound, Rick Trahan, had to attend his yearly family hunt on their lease. Thanks to Chris Lee and Randall Roberts from the Cypress Band, for sitting in his place. The Dawg's celebrated Stephanie Granger's birthday. Thanks for letting us hang out at your house while we evacuated for Hurricane Lili! Our most faithful fans were on hand to help in the festivities, Mark and Mitzi Stevens, Dave and Melissa Stevenson, Joe and Wendy LeBeouf, and Jay Davis.

17 Sep 2002 - BB's in Orange, TX was rockin' to the Dawgs on the 14th. Tony and Lydia Stroncheck, and Lydia's mom, Shirley Murphy caught their very first Dawg show (and quite a buzz I may add) Tony kept the Tequila shots flowing! Brian and Sherry Tregre, Joe and Wendy LeBeouf, Kris and Silver Franklin, Jack and Janice Duval and brothers Jay and Joe Davis, all were on hand to support the Dawgs.

The 15th brought us to Pearl St. Cafe to help with the benefit for Officer Conrad Gernale. We were glad to be invited to lend a hand in this worthwhile cause. Channel 4 KBTV and FM 94.1 KQXY were there with remote broadcasts.

2 Sep 2002 - Wow, what a party August was, After Dark is a cool little club in Sulphur, LA. We had a blast playin' there, going back again in October. BB's in Orange, TX was just as much fun, it's nice to play close to home. We have some good friends in Orange that always show us how to have a great time. Mark and Mitzy Stevens brought a crowd, also Brian and Sherry Tregre, Joe and Wendy LeBeouf, David and Melissa Stevenson, and of course the Dawgettes: Rhonda Duval, Kathy LeBlanc, Ludy Johnson, Tabatha Trahan. Jack and Janice Duval got some nice video with their new handicam, also Jim and Linda Clark got some shots. (I know...I need to post all these pics)

The surprise 50th birthday party in Houston for Bobby Davis, on 1Sep02 was a HUGE success. Bobby's wife Micah, was instrumental in keeping it a secret! There were many old friends of Bobby's that were there to wish him well. Many were old band mates, and the Dawgs reliquished the stage to the "Old Timers" and were treated to some good ol' rock n' roll, complete with a full brass section. Rick and Pam Morton are getting me a list of names that I will be posting...hear that Rick?

2 Jul 2002 - Another month has passed and the Dawg's aren't even panting. June was a HOT month for the Dawg's. On June 15th, the Dawg's howled for the Viet-Nam Veterans in Beaumont. And what a blast from the past, we made it a point to kick in some tunes from the 60's to bring back those old memories. The Vets had demonstration maneuvers including a mock war and M.A.S.H. unit. The nurses played an important role, treating their fair share of heat related injuries. The Dawg's were even treated to a live spot on Channel 12 News. The Vet's were dressed in the uniform of the period as well as flower children straight out of the 60's. Another show at the Changing Times on June 21st proved that the Dawg's fans are alive and well. Our Debut at BB's Rockin' Texas Club June 22nd, in Orange, TX, proved very successful. We are booked to appear there twice in August, and twice again in September. Last but not least, LeadDawg's wedding to Mrs. LeadDawg (formally Rhonda LeBlanc) on June 29th was a huge success! ShowDawg played a beautiful rendition of "Wonderful Tonight" prior to the ceremony. After the I do's, LeadDawg's family and friends had a cajun feast of gumbo and desserts. A few special guests came in from afar, Dennis, Misty, & Carrington Duval from Pineland, TX, Rick & Pam Morton from Houston, TX, Rick, Dinah, Jeremy, & Jessica Glabb from Pflugerville, TX, Sami Duval from Pflugerville, TX, and David, Sue, & Dennis Duval from Altus, OK.

2 Jun 2002 - Well I have been one busy Dawg, so I'll start where I left off. Tom and Margo's Party on the River was a huge success. Plenty of food and drink and a huge crowd of happy fans. We played our farewell to Red's Icehouse May 4, and will be sorry to see them shut down. The Dawg's cranked it up twice at the Changing Times in May 17th & 31st. We also appeared at the Gypsy MC Club's Mandatory meeting at Old Sawmill Town May 24th, amidst hundreds of appreciative bikers. 

26 Apr 2002 - What a month! Changing Times, Irene's Lounge, and the Awesome 500Lb. Crawfish Boil @ Brian and Sherry's, not to mention Tom and Margo's party on the River tomorrow. There are just too many names to mention...The Dawg's want to thank each and every one that came out this month. The "NEW" T-Shirts are in! Getcha One!!

24 Mar 2002 - Awesome turnout for the Betty Strickland benefit. Hundreds of Harleys were jammed in the parking lot at The Changing Times. The weather was great for the poker run. The Dawgs went above the call of duty and ran the P.A. system outside for the outdoor auction. One report was that over $20,000 was raised in Ms. Betty's honor.

15 Mar 2002 - The Dawgs had another good time at the 'The Changing Times' last night. Friends from way back, Ricky Moore and Susan had the best seats in the house. Tommy Outhouse and Joe Marshall showed their support, and friends of the ShowDawg, John Burdon and Heidi (not Heidi-Ho) danced the night away. Thanks to Rick DeVille for coming out and giving a listen. Looking forward to honoring Betty Strickland at the benefit here on the 24th of March. There will be an auction after the poker run. All you Dawg lovers come out and support this good cause.

23 Feb 2002 - The Dawgs had a full house at the 'The Changing Times' last night. The new stage is nice and sturdy, but you tall people need to watch your heads. Some old friends showed up to support the Dawgs, as well as our usual compliment of Dawg Lovers. Jay Davis celebrated his birthday and the Dawgs toasted Jay after the show with coffee and Scooby Snacks at Gary's Coffee Shop (Bridge City). Old friends, Chris DePew, Jesse Gregg, Blain & Angie Menard (owners of Angie's Pampered Paws in Bridge City, TX) enjoyed hearing their requests. Dawg Lovers, David & Melissa Stevenson, and Jo Ann Horn showed their support. Kathy (BassDawg's wife) & Rhonda (LeadDawg's fiancé), made sure that everyone danced and had a good time. StrayDawg's boss Al Franklin & Edie enjoyed hearing Stray pound the skins on their first time out. Judy, Nat, and Gunter watched the door and provided a secure party environment for the Dawgs. Nat also got to sing his hilarious and uncensored version of 'Folsom Prison Blues', good job Nat! Stay tuned for updates on upcoming shows.

17 Feb 2002 - Irene's Lounge welcomed 'Three Legged Dawg' Saturday night. We had our usual compliment of Dawg lovers, along with some new prospects. Our friends, Jay and Sheila came out to cheer on the Dawgs as well as StrayDawg's buddy Stacey and his better half, thanks for coming out and giving your support. Buck celebrated his birthday with the Dawgs and was invited to sit in and show his guitar prowess, good job Buck and Happy Birthday! Next Saturday, the Dawgs will be kicking the splinters off the new stage at 'The Changing Times', so come on out and show your support, and howl with the Dawgs!

10 Feb 2002 - The Dawgs had a great time at Red's Icehouse last night. We had some stiff competition due to the Mardi Gras festivities in Port Arthur, but the crowd rolled in after midnight and the party was on! Danny Aaron, (formally with Dangerous Toys) came up and swapped guitar chops with the LeadDawg. Also partying with the DawgLovers, Graham &  Charlayne Kirkwood, David and Melissa Stevenson, Murphy & Dot Courtois (from N'awlins, LA), the Davis brothers Jay & Joe, Travis Nations and, Randall Roberts and Chris Lee of The Cypress Band, thanks for coming out guys! Looking forward to next Saturday at Irene's Lounge, it's a small venue, so get there early or you'll be listening from the parking lot!

3 Feb 2002 - The Dawgs played to a full house at the Original Handlebar & Grill last night. It was their first time in a year or so, to have live music in the club. The SoundHound (Rick Trahan) did a jam up job, serving up plenty of decibels to tickle your ears. Linda Clark (LeadDawg's sister) celebrated her 50th birthday with the Dawgs, Happy Birthday SiS!! Little John & Carrie were also there, celebrating Carrie's birthday! (Thanks for the drinks, John). A few other birthdays were celebrated, and a great time was had by all! The "Creative Thinking" award goes out to Brian & C.J. for checking the Dawgie Web Calendar and finding out that we were playing, the Dawg's appreciate your support!